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Urine Strips Supplier Urinalysis Test Strip Urine Reagent Paper for Hospital

Shengshi Dotop is a professional manufacturer of urine analysis test strips, which can be produced for test strips for various brand urine analyzers at home and abroad.
  • T10

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T10 inspection project

White cells, nitrite, uricine, protein, pH, blood, proputea, ketone body, bilirubin, glucose

Applicable models

50/100/500 series of urine analyzer

T10-AM inspection project

Glucose, protein, bilirubin, uricine, pH, proportion, blood, ketone body, nitrite, white blood cell, 〇 mat

Applicable models

Japan Kyoto 4260/4290 / AJ-4270 series urine analyzer

T11-HK inspection project

Ascorbic acid, white blood cells, nitrite, protein, acid, blood, proprietary, ketone body, bilirubin, urine, glucose

Applicable models

Huatong MA-4210 / 4280KB / HT-2000 / HT-150 urete analyzer

Shengshi Dongtang Jiangsu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, the company located in Taizhou pharmaceutical high-tech Industrial Park, is a collection of research and development, production and sales of in vitro diagnostic test paper in one of the industrial enterprises.
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