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Human Urine Analyzer Urinalysis Machine Automatic Urine Sediment Analyzer

Handheld urine analyzer advantages: small size, easy to move and place, suitable for hospital POCT.
  • Handheld urine analyzer

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1, small size, easy to move and place, suitable for hospital POCT.

2, one-click operation is simple, one minute, exact results, suitable for family health monitoring.

3. Data transmission, aspect data management, can be connected to the big data platform, health management company.

Use the scene population:

1. Family health checkup, convenient for the elderly, pregnant women, and children.

2, nephropathy, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver disease and other chronic diseases.

3, home mobile medical equipment, easy to complete the network consultation with doctors.

4. Suitable for large and medium-sized and community medical institutions, specific departments or bedside detection.

11 indicators Interpretation:

project nameNormal valueabnormal
Urine (URO)NormPositive suggestion of hepatocyte jaundice caused by fatty liver or drug liver injury, it is recommended to further do hepatocarpile B-ultrasound
Blended blood (BLD)feminine(-)Positive reminder tumor, trauma, stones; negative simultaneous protein reminders may kidney disease
Bilirubin (BIL)feminine(-)Positive tips may stem cellular or obstructive jaundice
Ketone body (KET)feminine(-)Positive tips may lead poisoning, diabetic ketoacidosis, vomiting, diarrhea, hunger
PH4.6-8.0Increased frequently, frequent vomiting, diarrhea, alkali poisoning, etc .; reduce common in fever, gout, chronic nephropathy, leukemia, diabetes, acidosis
White cells (WBC)feminine(-)Positive suggestion urinary tract infection
Glu (Glu)feminine(-)Positive tips may have metabolic diabetes, limb endurance, hyperthyroidism
Protein (PRO)Negative (-) or only trace (+ -)Positive reminder may nephritis, hypertensive nephropathy, diabetic nephropathy
Nitrite (NIT)feminine(-)Positive suggests bacterial infection kidney or urinary tract
Power (SG)1.015-1.025Increase more in high fever, dehydration, acute nephritis, urinary tract infection; reduce polynisimosis, chronic glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis, diabetes
Vitamin (C)feminine(-)It may take over excessive dimension C to measure whether other test items are accurate

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