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  • Urine Analyzer: The Key Tool for Accurate Disease Diagnosis
    Urine analyzers are a critical component of modern medical diagnostics, providing valuable insights into a wide range of health conditions. They are used by healthcare professionals to detect abnormalities in urine, which can be indicative of various diseases and conditions.
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  • Urine Test Strips: The Versatile Tool for Health Checks
    Urine test strips are simple yet versatile tools that have found widespread use in healthcare for a variety of purposes. These strips can quickly provide valuable information about a person's health, making them indispensable for routine health checks and diagnostics.
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  • Chemistry Analyzer: The Core Equipment in Modern Medical Labs
    Chemistry analyzers are at the heart of modern medical laboratories, providing critical information about a wide range of chemical components in bodily fluids. These sophisticated devices are used to analyze blood, urine, and other samples to diagnose and monitor various health conditions.
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  • Types of Blood Collection Tubes
    Blood collection tubes play a pivotal role in the realm of medical and scientific research, facilitating the collection of blood samples for various tests and analyses. These tubes come in diverse types, each tailored for specific applications, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of test results.
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  • Free DNA Vacuum Storage Tube Details And Application Scenarios
    Free DNA vacuum storage tube is a disposable vacuum collection tube that can directly draw whole blood and stably store and transport free DNA (cf-DNA), circulating tumor DNA (ct-DNA) and nuclear cell genomic DNA at room temperature.
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