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Free DNA Vacuum Storage Tube Details And Application Scenarios

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Free DNA Vacuum Storage Tube Details And Application Scenarios

Free DNA vacuum storage tube is a disposable vacuum collection tube that can directly draw whole blood and stably store and transport free DNA (cf-DNA), circulating tumor DNA (ct-DNA) and nuclear cell genomic DNA at room temperature. cf-DNA blood anticoagulant contained in blood tubes can stabilize nucleated blood cells to avoid the cleavage of white blood cells in blood, reduce the degradation of plasma DNA, and contribute to the overall stability of cell-free DNA. Free DNA samples can be stored at room temperature for up to 14 days, making sample collection, transportation and storage easier. Its unique design and practical function provide a convenient and safe DNA preservation scheme for scientific researchers and medical experimentals.

Characteristics of Free DNA Vacuum Storage Tube

1. High sealing: The free DNA vacuum storage tube adopts advanced sealing technology to ensure that the sample will not leak or be contaminated during storage.

2. Good stability: the material has good temperature and pressure resistance, which can maintain the stability of the sample under different environmental conditions.

3. Easy to operate: The design of free DNA vacuum storage tube is reasonable, easy to open and close, easy to operate, saving time and labor cost.

4. Safe and reliable: Free DNA vacuum storage tube in line with international safety standards, non-toxic and harmless, can ensure the health and safety of the experimenter.

Suggestions for The Use of Free DNA Vacuum Storage Tube

1. Please ensure that the tube is intact and free of stains and scratches before use.

2. During operation, please follow the principle of aseptic operation to avoid sample contamination.

3. When storing, please keep it dry, away from light and low temperature to ensure the stability of the sample.

Application Scenario of Free DNA Vacuum Storage Tube

Free DNA vacuum storage tube is widely used in the experimental research of biology, genetics, medicine and other fields. In scientific research projects, it can ensure the stable preservation of DNA samples and provide strong support for the accuracy and reliability of experimental results. In the field of medicine, free DNA preservation tubes can be used to store DNA samples of patients, providing an important basis for disease diagnosis and treatment. Such as fetal non-invasive birth defect screening (non-invasive Down test), tumor discovery and research, tumor treatment progress and efficacy evaluation studies, acute molecular diagnosis and detection, clinical drug development and testing.

In short, the free DNA vacuum storage tube has become an indispensable laboratory equipment in molecular biology and clinical research due to its high quality, convenient operation and wide application fields. Whether it is scientific research or clinical testing, it can provide you with a stable and reliable sample storage solution.

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