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LCD Display High Speed Easy Operation Automatic Urine Analyzer for Hospital

OPM-1550B urine analyzer test speed is fast, 600 per hour, only 6 seconds can be completed.
  • OPM-1550B

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Performance characteristics

Quick test speed, 600 per hour, only 6 seconds can be completed

Power-saving automatically saves all test data

Automatic correction of non-specific, uric acid alkali, specific gravity, color on test results

Full Chinese LCD display

Automatic sense of test strips to be tested, easy to operate

Built-in high speed, low noise thermal printer

Can be connected with urine sediment workstation

User freely set anomaly value tag

International unit, conventional unit system, symbolic system three units

With automatic unloading function and equipped with waste collection device

Technical indicators:

Test systemHigh brightness 5 wavelength cold light source

Test principleReflective photoelectric colorimetric method

Applicable test strip11 items, 12, 13, 14 compatible

Test speed 600 / h  

data storageAutomatic storage up to 5000 test results

Data communicationRS-232 interface


power supplyAC220V 50Hz

Power rate50VA

Physical accumulation280mm * 340mm * 230mm


PrintBuilt-in thermal printer


working environmentTemperature 15-35 ° C, temperature 10-85%

Test items (14 items):

PH, bilirubin, glucose, vitamin C, protein

Urinary, suspended blood, nitrite, white blood cell, ketone body, urine specific gravity

Creatinine, calcium ions, trace albumin

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