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Hospital High-quality Biochemistry Analyzer Analysis System Portable Urine Analyze Equipment

BT-200 urine analyzer detects 120 samples per hour; large-size screen display, humanized software interface, convenient customer operation; large storage capacity, can save 1000 specimen detection results.
  • BT-200

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Instrument performanceDual wavelength detection, imported high-efficiency luminous tube, long service life, stable performance. Chinese and English operation interface. Automatic school pair, automatic detection, misoperation, and error categories are prompted when booting. Simple operation, easy maintenance.

Output modeEquipped with standard RS232 interfaces can be used with microcomputer. The built-in or external printer can be selected according to different user requirements. There is a Chinese and English report format and can group testing and packet printing.

Test itemsPH, bilirubin, glucose, vitamin C, protein, uterine, suspended blood, nitrite, white blood cell, ketone body, urine specific gravity. Measurement principle The ball area meter measured reflectance.

Measuring wavelength550 nm, 620 nm.

Measurement speed120 samples can be detected per hour.

Storage function1000 specimen data can be stored.

TroubleshootingThere is no fault rate of 5,000 hours, which is in line with clinical needs.

Print resultsBuilt-in 57mm thermosensitive printer, can print in Chinese and English reports.

power supplyAC220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1 Hz

Power rate≤30VA

Operating temperature15-35 ° C

Relative humidity≤80%.

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