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Medical Supply Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

This reagent box is suitable for extracting high purity viral nucleic acid [RNA) from a variety of samples such as human nasioles, sputum, bronchial lavette, alveolar lavage liquid.
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Virus RNA extraction kit (magnetic bead method)

【product name】

General Name: Virus RNA Extraction Kit (Magnetic Beads)

【expected usage】

This reagent box is suitable for extracting high purity viral nucleic acid [RNA) from a variety of samples such as human nasioles, sputum, bronchial lavette, alveolar lavage liquid.

The nucleic acid obtained can be used directly for reverse transcription, PCR, fluorescent quantitative PCR, RT-PCR, second-generation sequencing, biocontrol analysis and other downstream related experiments.

【working principle】

This kit uses a unique embedded ultra-metallic silicon base magnetic beads, in a unique buffer system, adsorbed nucleic acids through hydrogen bonds and electrostatic electrostatic, without adsorbing proteins and other impurities. The magnetic beads of the nucleic acid were washed to remove the remaining proteins and salts. When using low-salt buffers, the magnetic bead releases the nucleic acid to achieve a rapid separation of purified nucleic acid. The entire operation process is simple, fast and safe and efficient, and the extraction of the viral nucleic acid is high, the purity is high, and the quality is stable and reliable. It is suitable for automated extraction of high-throughput workstations.


1. Different batch reagent box components cannot be mixed.

2. Requireled reagents: no water ethanol.

3. Before using the initial use, please refer to the bottle tab to add the specified amount of absolute ethanol to the washing liquid and rinse liquid, and label.

4. The magnetic beads are needed before use, and the magnetic beads are fully dispersed.

5. If a pellet is produced in a fracture solution, it can be used at room temperature or 37 ° C for use.

6. When using this kit, please wear an experiment. [Primary composition of kits]

[Primary composition of kits]

Component nameSpecifications and quantitiesinstruction
Magnetic beads2ml * 1 tube
Lysate60ml * 1 tubeProvide cracking and combined environment
Protease K1ml * 2 tubeEnzymatic solution
detergent38ml * 1 bottleRemove the residual protein (50ml no water extraction before use)
Rinse liquid20ml * 1 bottleRemove the residual salt ions (80 ml of no-water ethanol needed before use)
Eluate6ml * 1 bottleNucleophilicase solution

[Sample requirements]

1. This extraction reagent is applicable to sample types: upper respiratory samples (including nasopharyngeal swabs, sputum); lower respiratory samples (including bronchi lavage, alveolar lavas).

2. Sample collection specific methods, please refer to the Microbiological Specimen Collection Manual or \"Clinical Nursing Practice Guide\".

3. After the sample collection, the extraction and test must be completed on the same day. Otherwise, save: 2 ~ 8 ° C Save, no more than 24 h;

4. Transportation: Use the foam tank to dry the ice seal for transportation.

[Storage conditions and validity period]

Store room temperature (15 ~ 25 ° C), valid for 6 months; longer preservation can be placed in 2 ~ 8 ° C, room temperature. The magnetic bead is recommended to store 2 ~ 8 ° C, pay attention to the magnetic beads not stored below 0 ° C.

Virus DNA / RNA extraction kit (column method)

【product name】Virus DNA / RNA extraction kit

[Packaging specifications]100 people / box

【expected usage】

This product is used for the extraction of nucleic acids, purification steps. The product has been treated for use in clinical detection.

[Technical Principles]

This kit is based on the purification method of silica gel column, and the sample is cleaved in the lytic solution, and the nucleic acid is released into the lysate. The lysate contains a high concentration of guanidine salts, and the filter is adsorbed by hydrogen bonding and electrostatic electricity under this condition, and the protein and other impurities are not adsorbed. The lysate was transferred to the adsorption column filtered, adsorbed the filtrate of the nucleic acid was washed remove the residual protein and other impurities, and finally eluted with a low salt buffer.

[Primary composition of kits]

Nucleic acid extraction kit 2

Note: Do not mix the same batch reagent.

[Specimen Requirements]

Plasma, serum, nasopharyngeal, sputum, bronchial / alveolar lavage, ascites, cultured cell supernatant and urine [storage conditions and valid period] room temperature (15-25 ° C) preserved, room temperature transport. Valid for 1 year.

Date and failure date see the outer packaging label.


1. Requires the RNASE-Free gun head, 1.5 ml RNase-Free centrifuge tube, centrifuge, etc.

2. The virus has strong infection, and various defense measures must be done before operation.

3. Samples avoid repeated freeze-thaw, otherwise the extracted viral RNA degradation is degraded and the extraction amount will decrease.

4. All steps are not particularly pointed out, all under normal temperature (15-25 ° C).

5. When using this kit, wear an experimental suit, disposable latex glove, disposable mask, using RNASE-Free consumables. Avoid RNASE pollution.

6. Please check if the lysate in the kit has crystal precipitation. If there is crystal precipitation, it can be placed at room temperature or 37 ° C to crystallrate, mix and mix.

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