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10 11 Urine Analysis Test Strip reagent paper

10 Parameters Urine Analysis Test Strip

11 Parameters Urine Analysis Test Strip

11 Urine Analyzer

14 Items Urine Analyzer

2.5L Blood Cell Analyzer Cleaning Fluid

200 Tests/h Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

23 Parameters Blood Cell Analyzer

23 Parameters Hematology Analyzer

3 Parameters Urine Analysis Test Strip

3 Part Hematology Analyzer

300 Tests/h Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

400 Tests/h Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

5-in-one Virus Sampling Tube Set

5L Blood Cell Analyzer Cleaning Fluid

600 Tests/hour Urine Analyzer

9-hole Polymetry Cup

Additive free tube

Alkaline Cleaning Fluid

Anti-electrical Multi-parameter Monitor

Antibody Detection Kit

Aspartate Transaminase Reagent

Automated Biochemistry Analyzer

Automatic Biochemical Analyzer

Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer For Hospital

Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer For Lab

Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer With CE

Automatic blood cell analyzer

Automatic Hematology Analyzer

Automatic urine analyzer

B Series Urine Analysis Test Paper

B Series Urine Analysis Test Strip

B11 Urine Analysis Test Paper

B11 Urine Analysis Test Strip

B11-A Urine Analysis Test Strip

Big Parameter Monitor

Biochemical Analyzer Bulbs

Biochemical Analyzer Cleaning Liquid

Biochemical Analyzer Reagent Needle

Biochemical Light Bulb

Biochemical Reagent For Biological Research

Biochemical Reagent for Blood Cell Analysis

Biochemical Reagent For Research

Biochemical Reagents For Auto Biochemistry Analyzer

Biochemical Reagents For Hospital

Biochemical Sample Cup

Biochemical Test Cup

Biochemistry Analyzer

Biochemistry Analyzer Accessaries

biochemistry analyzer accessaries bulb

Blood Analyzer

Blood Cell Analysis Cleaning Solution

Blood Cell Analyzer for Cleaning Fluid

Blood Chip Analyzer

Blood coagulant tube

Blood Collection Tube

Blood glucose tube

blood routine EDTAK2 and separation glue

blood routine EDTAK3 and separation glue

Blood routine tube

Blood routine tube EDTAK2

Blood routine tube EDTAK3

Blood Sedimentation Tube

blood test collection tube

Bloodocyte Analysis Probe Cleaning Liquid

Bot Blood Cell Analyzer Lysase

Breast X-ray

BT-3000plus Hematology Analyzer 

C-arm Photography System

Cleaning Fluid

Cleaning Fluid For Blood Cell Analyzer

Cleaning Fluid For Blood Chip Analyzer

Cleaning Solution For Blood Cell Analyzer

Clinical Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Coagulant Tube

Collection Tube

Color Cup

Digital breast X-ray

Discrete Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Disposable Sampler

Disposable Sampling Swab

Disposable Urine Analysis Test Strip

disposable Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Disposable Virus Sampling Tube

disposible Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Easy Operation Urine Analyzer

EDTAK2+ sodium fluoride

EDTAK3+ sodium fluoride


Shengshi Dongtang Jiangsu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, the company located in Taizhou pharmaceutical high-tech Industrial Park, is a collection of research and development, production and sales of in vitro diagnostic test paper in one of the industrial enterprises.
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