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Medical Accurate Automatic Hematology Analyzer for sale

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Product Description of Accurate Hematology Analyze

Our fully automated Three-class blood cell analyzer is designed for modern medical labs. This High Accuracy Hematology Analyzer provides fast and reliable blood analysis results. It helps doctors make timely diagnostic and treatment decisions. This Accurate Automatic Hematology Analyzer covers 23 key parameters. It ensures comprehensive data support for medical professionals.

Product Features of Accurate Hematology Analyze

  • Software Upgrades: Supports upgrades via USB flash drive. Keeps the 23 Parameters Hematology Analyzer running the latest version.

  • Real-time Sample Temperature Monitoring: Monitors and displays sample temperature in real-time. Ensures stable testing conditions.

  • Wide Voltage Power Supply Design: Adapts to voltage from AC 100V to 264V. Expands application scenarios.

  • Report Storage: Stores reports for over 1,000 cases. Supports wireless data expansion via USB disk.

  • Test Parameters: The 23 Parameters Hematology Analyzer includes colour histograms of WBC, RBC, and PLT.

  • Testing Speed: Processes more than 60 samples per hour. Improves lab efficiency.

  • Testing Principle: Uses resistance method, cyanide methemoglobin method, and cyanide-free SFT method. Ensures accurate results.

  • Test Sample Volume: Requires as little as 9.6μl of sample. Reduces consumption.

  • Quality Control Modes: Offers L-J plot, X, SD, and CV. Ensures test result stability.

  • Display: Features a 12.1-inch high-resolution LCD. Provides clear data presentation.

  • Printout: Supports 5 types of Chinese printout reports. Has a built-in thermal printer. Can connect to an external printer.

  • Data Interface: Includes RS232 interface and 2 USB ports. Facilitates data transmission.

  • Power Supply: Stable A.C. 220±2V 50HZ±1HZ power supply. Ensures consistent operation.

  • Size & Weight: Compact dimensions (370mm x 350mm x 450mm). Weighs 20kg. Easy for lab layout and mobility.

Product Advantages of Accurate Hematology Analyze

  • High Efficiency: The Accurate Automatic Hematology Analyzer processes many samples rapidly. Enhances lab efficiency.

  • High Accuracy: Advanced testing principles. Ensures precise and reliable results.

  • Ease of Use: Intuitive interface. Simple operating procedures.

  • Data Management: Powerful data storage and wireless expansion. Facilitates efficient data management.

  • Flexibility: Wide voltage design. Multiple testing modes adapt to various labs.

  • Quality Assurance: Built-in quality control modes. Ensures reliable and consistent results.

Product Use

This Three-class blood cell analyzer is ideal for hospitals, clinics, and labs. It provides accurate blood analysis data. Helps diagnose blood diseases and health conditions. Users obtain results quickly. Print detailed reports as needed. The High Accuracy Hematology Analyzer ensures long-term updates. Provides the latest medical testing tools. The 23 Parameters Hematology Analyzer is essential for any healthcare facility.

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