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China Cell-Free DNA Blood Collection Tube CF DNA Blood Collection Tubes EDTA K3

DNA storage tube (Plasma collection tubes)

The unique new protective agent is safe and non-toxic, immobilizes blood cells, inhibits extracellular nuclease, prevents genomic DNA release of blood cells, and protects the stable and non-degradation of free DNA, providing a better scheme for the research and application of plasma free DNA. It is used in fetal non-invasive birth defect screening (non-invasive Down test), tumor discovery and research, tumor treatment progress and efficacy evaluation studies, acute molecular diagnosis and detection, clinical drug development and testing. Free DNA samples can be stored at room temperature for up to 14 days, making sample collection, transportation and storage easier.
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introduction  Cell-Free DNA Tube for Blood

cell-free DNA  ,Disposable vacuum collection blood tube

[Product name] Disposable vacuum DNA sampling blood tube

[Color] Transparent

[Specification] 5ML/ pcs, 10ML/ pcs

[Material] Glass

[Model] DNA storage tube

[Ingredients] Contains K3EDTA anticoagulant and a liquid cellular preservative

[Specific usage] It is a test tube that directly draws whole blood and can be used for cell-free plasma DNA collection, stable storage and transportation.

[Storage notice] The relative humidity at normal temperature does not exceed 80%, no corrosive gases, well-ventilated and clean indoor environment .


Description of Cell-Free DNA Tube for Blood :

It is a test tube that directly draws whole blood and can be used for cell-free plasma DNA collection, stable storage and transportation.

During the analysis of cell-free DNA, the handling, transportation, and processing of samples are highly susceptible to contamination, resulting in the breakdown of nucleated blood cells and further release of cellular genomic DNA. At the same time, cell-free DNA degradation due to nuclease activity also brings a series of problems. The preservatives contained in the collection vessels can stabilize nucleated blood cells, prevent the release of cellular genomic DNA, inhibit nuclease-mediated degradation of cell-free DNA, and contribute to the overall stability of cell-free DNA. While protecting the antigenicity of cell surface and maintaining cell morphology, the extraction, detection and analysis of cell-free DNA were strengthened.

Usage of  Cell-Free DNA Tube for Blood  :

As a non-invasive, fast and sensitive diagnostic tool; It can be used in molecular diagnosis and detection of acute diseases and prenatal diagnosis of fetal genetic diseases.


The tubes contain K3EDTA, an anticoagulant, and a liquid cellular preservative.


Blood volume 10.0ML/ Anticoagulant K3EDTA/additive proprietary stabilizer Store at room temperature before using.


1. The sampling tube does not dilute the blood, so dilution factor correction is not required to obtain accurate values.

2. As with most clinical trial specimens, hemolysis, jaundice and lipemia can affect the results of the blood samples stored in the collection tubes.

3. Unused test tubes should be stored between 18-30 ° C.

4. Samples taken into other anticoagulants or preservatives may cause clotting in the tube.


1. The tube containing the sample should not be refrigerated to avoid the tube cracking.

2. Please use the tube for a limited period.

3. Test tubes should not be used to collect injections.

4. The product is only used as a reserve sample, do not dilute or add other ingredients.

5. Excessive or low tube filling can cause imbalance between blood and additives, which can lead to incorrect analysis results or reduce product performance.

6 Warn

A. The glass may break, please take good measures in the treatment process.

B. All biological specimens and materials that come into contact with the product will be regarded as infectious biological hazards, and should be handled in accordance with relevant local laws and regulations.

C. Avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes.

D. The product should be disposed as infectious medical waste.

E. When removing or reinserting the tube plug, gently shake the plug, or hold the plug while twisting outwards. Do not push out the plug with your thumb, it is easy to cause the tube rupture and injury.

7. If the unused sampling tube is cloudy or precipitated, please contact the manufacturer.

Storage and stability: The blood tubes can be stably stored during the shelf life at 18-30℃. Never refrigerate empty pipes. Appropriate isolation measures should be taken when transporting in harsh temperature conditions.

Blood samples collected in the collection tube for cell-free DNA analysis and genomic DNA analysis can be stably stored at 6-37 ° C for 14 days. At 15° C to 30 ° C, circulating epithelial cells in the whole blood sample were stably preserved in the tube for 4 days.

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